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This stunning Orange Poppy is my new design interpretation of this delicate flower.   Here is a permanent reminder of this gorgeous flower which is attached to a 1 metre stake so it can be safely 'planted' into your garden wherever you would like it to be. 

Stained Glass Orange Poppy on Garden Stake

  • This beautiful flower is an amazing addition to any garden. It will bring it's stunning orange to wherever you choose to 'plant' it, which of course can change whenever you decide to move it, perhaps to a space where the flowers have been and gone or are still to bloom?

    It can also be 'planted' into a large flower pot inside or outside and could be grouped together with several others.   

    These flowers can be left outside all year round.

    They should be positioned well away from any hard surfaces they could 'sway' into when the wind blows to avoid damage to the petals.


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