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This cute stained glass robin is made from textured red and brown glass, beautifully edged in copper /gold edging and hung with a matching red ribbon.  Each robin is different from the others as a variety of beautiful textures and shades of red and brown stained glass have been used so you will have a lovely surprise when yours arrives in your home. 

My elegant robin design  will be equally happy hanging on your Christmas Tree or in a window, on a mirror, or in your garden adding a special addition to any garden or home.

This sweet little robin is ready to hop, flutter and fly. An ideal present for anyone who loves robins, birds or their garden. 



Stained Glass Hanging Robin

  • This elegant hanging stained glass robin can be a cute addition to any garden or home. The textures and colours of the stained glass will look fabulous when lit up by the sun if hung in a window, or by twinking lights if hung on a Christmas Tree.

    I have made this robin with 2 pieces of stained glass, brown for the body and red for the plump little robin's red breast.   

    I have added a hoop, made from wire, onto the top of the robin and threaded a red ribbon for it to be hung by. 

    I know it will be hard for you to remember that it is not real ;)  but do remember that the robin is made using coloured stained glass and that the glass can break if the robin is hung in a position which means it will swing and hit a hard surface, so please be mindful of this. 

    This robin could be the perfect gift for you or your friend or relative as each one is made by hand and different from the last one I made. It is especially collectable for anyone who loves birds, and robins in particular. Garden lovers who do a lot of digging have often 'met' and have stories to tell about robins which have kept them company in their gardens. I know I love it when a robin flutters to a perch near me in my garden, or even if I just hear one singing one of it's many songs. 

    As always I will wrap each robin very carefully and can add an individualised note if you would me to post it to a friend and post it directly to them.   

    This robin is ready to hop, flutter and fly to you or your friend or relative.  


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