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This delicate snowdrop is my own design interpretation of this exquisite little flower which is such a special and welcome sign of new life each spring. I have made a number of different types of flower head, as there are so many types of the real thing, so you may recieve one which is slightly different from the one photographed. 

Here is a permanent reminder of a snowdrop to last all year round.

There are two options. The first is designed to hang in a window or against a mirror using the nylon line or green ribbon (both supplied) threaded through the discrete, hidden hoop behind the top of the 'spathe' (taller leaf). The second option has a spike added to the base to 'plant' it into the soil in a plant pot in your home, or maybe into a raised bed or plantpot in your garden? 


  • This delightful, delicate spring flower is a welcome reminder  that spring is on it's way which, when made from stained glass, can last the whole year round.

    Option 1

    This is a hanging snowdrop which has a small hoop for a nylon line or ribbon to thread through up to whatever it is to hang from, on a window or against a mirror. 

    Option 2 

    The snowdrop can be positioned wherever you choose to 'plant' it, which of course can change whenever you decide to move it, perhaps to from one plant to another in your home or to  a space where the flowers have been and gone or are still to bloom in a plantpot or raised bed in your garden?

    I present the snowdrop on a piece of mount board, which is waste from a local picture framer in line with my recycling policy,  and inside a clear plastic envelope. I am  currently using up my existing stock of plastic envelopes before purchasing  bio-film biodegradable/compostable clear envelopes which I use for the handmade cards I sell. I could omit using the clear envelope if you would prefer me to. 

    I could also package your snowdrop in a small box made from 100% recycled paper if you would prefer.

    Please indicate your preferences when you order. 

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