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This stunningly beautiful dragonfly is my original design,  made from irridescent stained glass will be an incredible addition to any garden or home. Design 2 is on it's way very soon, with some new glass and added detail. 

It can happily sit in your garden on any surface and has a hidden hoop under one wing with nylon line attached so it can be flutter to and be hung against a window. The changing direction and type of light throughout the day and night will reflect the shimmering effect of the incredible iridescent body and wings. An ideal present for anyone who loves their garden. 

Sitting or Flying Dragonfly, Design 1, made from Irridescent Stained Glas

  • This beautiful dragonfly is an amazing addition to any garden or home. The natural or artificial changes in direction and type of light will change the appearance of this dragonfly because it has been made using 3 different types of irridescent glass.

    To give the glass it's iridescent effect, a thin layer of metallic crystal is bonded to the glass during production, creating an amazing colourful shimmering effect. This shimmering gives  a changing purple/green appearance depending on the availablility and direction of light.

    I have made this dragonfly with 6 legs (of course) which enable it to sit securely on a wall, in the soil, on a windowsill, on your bedside table or any other surface you would like it to settle upon.  The legs raise it's body (the glass part) above the surface. The legs can be secured around a large twig, stone, side of a water container, an ornament or anything else you feel it will be safe on,  as there is some flexibility in the legs, which have been designed to resemble the 3 segments of a real dragonfly's legs.   

    I have added a hidden hoop, which I have made from wire and  discretely soldered under one wing on one side of the dragonfly. This means that the hoop is not visible if you choose to sit your dragonfly on a surface, but it is there for if you change your mind and you decide to hang it up at a later date! ;)

    If you would like your dragonfly to hang in a window it comes with a strong nylon line which I have securely knotted onto the hidden hoop, so it is ready to hang. If you need some more nylon at any time just let me know and I will send you some. 

    So in summary, the hidden hoop enables you to choose how you would like to display your dragonfly, or even to change your mind and move it, transforming it from sitting to hangng or vice versa, after it has 'lived' in one position for a while. 

    I know it will be hard for you to remember that it is not real ;),  but do remember that part of the beauty of this dragonfly is that it has been made using iridescent stained glass. The glass can break if the dragonfly is hung in a position which means it will swing and hit a hard surface, so please be mindful of this. 

    This dragonfly is made from 3 different types of irridescent stained glass. The body is made using smooth black iridescent glass, the wings are made using 2 different types of textured, clear iridescent glass.  It has distinctive 'compound eyes' which are formed using a smooth 'blob' of solder, so not quite as compound as it may have liked!   

    I will be send the dragonfly out to you beautifully packaged in a box made of recycled paper, surrounded in sumptuously soft purple tissue paper. 

    If it is a gift, please let me know and I can include an individualised note from the maker  if you would like me to. 



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