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A fabulous present - for a wedding gift, engagement present, birthday present for someone special or Valentine's Day.  Why not commission me to make you one in your choice of colours and design?

This is one of my range of  'Kissing Birds' in a brass ring. Two of my signature 'Brilliant Birds', both made from beautiful green glass,  decided to join together in a circle of love and are ready to be sent to, and to settle into their forever home !!

These birds are made using two differnet textures of trasparent coloured glass which I hope is shown with these photos, but may differ slightly from how they look here - but they are gorgeous! ;) 

A fabulous valentine's, engagement, wedding or anniversary present. 

Also available to order in a range of colours to match the occasion for an additional commission charge - please fill in the contact form on the website with your idea.


Green Kissing Birds in Brass Hoop

  • This is one of a range of 'kissing birds' which have been soldered onto a brass hoop which I have previously coated in solder. Each pair of birds has decorative wire twisted and twirled by hand around them in a variety of designs.

    This pair of birds in a brass ring is different from the last and from any which will be designed and made in the future, so a completely unique gift. The colours and textures of each bird always compliment each the other. The arrangement of the  twisted wires and how they are formed is always different from the last, I really love making this part of the design, which can take any amount of time to be completed, as it evolves and grows as I work.  

    This product is often bought as an engagement, wedding or anniversary present and can be ordered to be in a range of colours according to your personal choice eg red for a ruby wedding anniversary.

    I will package this piece on mount board, which is waste from a local picture framer in line with my recycling policy,  and inside a clear bio-film envelope a biodegradable/compostable clear see-through envelope which I use for the handmade cards I sell. I could omit using the clear envelope if you would prefer me to. 

    I could also gift package your kissing birds in a small box made from 100% recycled paper, wrapped in tissue paper, tied up with gorgous ribbons and posted direct to the recipient with a handwritten note about how the design was developed and chosen, by whom and a liitle about how the piece was made, for a small additional cost to cover my time. Choose gift option at checkout or use the contacts form for more information.

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