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These fun mushrooms are the first  of  a number of designs emerging out of my workshop.

These mushrooms are all my own designs based on drawings in my 'fieldwork guide to mushrooms' and research on the internet. Fungi are so intriguing, they pop up from the ground in all sorts of places in a wide variety of shapes and sizes in our gardens and in the most unexpected places, so at last I have designed and made a permament reminder of some of these magical fungi. 

Some are made using a fabulous semi opaque glass which is 'blotchy' on one side and 'stripey' on the other side,  others are made using transparent stained glass. 

There are two versions and three different designs so far. The first is designed to hang in a window or against a mirror using the nylon line  supplied with the hanging version. The nylon line is  threaded through the discrete, hidden hoop behind the top of the cap.  The second option has  2  spikes soldered to the sides of the stem  to allow it to be  'planted' into the soil in the garden, in a plant pot in your home or garden.  

Look carefully at the photos to make sure you have selected the version you would prefer and contact me if you have a particular request.  

Stained Glass Mushroom - for hanging or planting

  • The cap of these delightful little mushrooms are made from semi- opaque stained glass, 'blotchy' one side, reminding us of the 'scales' and 'stripey' on the other side, just for fun!

    The  'gills'  under the convex cap of the  mushrooms are made using small individual pieces of wire on both sides of the glass, each soldered top and bottom, to the stem and the cap.

    Option 1

    This is a hanging mushroom which has a small hidden loop soldered onto one side at the top of the cap,  for a nylon line to thread through, up to whatever the mushroom is to hang from, on a window or against a mirror. 

    Option 2 

    The mushroom can be positioned wherever you choose to 'plant' it, which of course can change whenever you decide to move it, perhaps  from one plant in a flower pot  to another in your home or to  a space where the flowers have been and gone or are still to bloom in the soil, a plantpot or raised bed in your garden?

    I can package the mushroom on a piece of mount board, which is 'waste' pieces from a local picture framer in line with my recycling policy. I usually put them inside a bio-film biodegradable/compostable clear envelopes or I could omit using the card and/or the clear envelope if you would prefer me to. Send me a message with your order if you have a preference. 

    I could also package your mushroom in a small box made from 100% recycled paper if you would prefer the  gift wrap option,  for a small extra cost, please choose at check out. 

    Please remeber to  indicate your preferences when you order. 

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