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This fabulous mini-flock of 3 of my signature 'Brilliant Birds' on stakes have been carefully chosen to be together and are ready to fly to your garden or home. They can settle in amongst the plants in your flower beds, in pots outside or inside , sit in with a bunch of flowers in a vase or anywhere else you can think of.

The stakes are stainless steel so will happily support this little flock to live together wherever you would like them to add some colour and fun! They don't need to stay in one place either as they love flying and settling in different places too. A great present!

These mini-flocks have been sold but similar colour combinations could be made for you or contact me with your colour choice. More colours are awaiting a photograph so will be added soon. Contact me if you would like to know more now! 


Mini-flock of 3 small 'Brilliant Birds' on stakes

  • This mini-flock of fun 'Brilliant Birds' are all individually made by hand and in a variety of complimentary shades and textures of stained glass. Each little bird is securely attached to a stainless steel stake and matched up with two others to form a fabulous mini-flock and is perfectly suited to living in your garden or home and being moved from place to place. 

    I have used a mini-flock of birds in my garden to support the first shoots of climbing plants eg sweet peas, before they needed a longer support. 

    The stakes are quite thin, which is part of the design of the birds. This enables the birds to sway in the wind adding movement to your garden. 

    The length of the stakes vary for each bird in the mini-flock so they make a lovely group and don't 'fly' into each other, potentially hurting (breaking ) each other!

    They can be easily moved around your garden whenever you like , perhaps to a space where the flowers have been and gone or are still to bloom?

    They can also be 'planted' into a flower pots inside or outside.   

    They can be left outside all year round.

    They should be positioned well away from any hard surfaces they could 'sway' into when the wind blows to avoid hurting themselves, ie their glass bodies breaking.

    They are also a great 'forever' accompanyment for a bunch of flowers. 


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