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These totally original designs are a fabulous circular mirror which has been cut into shape by hand and edged in copper coloured solder.  Each hand made  stained glass red rose have been soldered to the bottom left of a circular mirror which has also been cut and edged by hand. Either of these mirrors will create a gorgeous addition to any room in a home.  They are ready to hang, from the wire which I have soldered to the back of the mirror as shown in the photos. 

These beautiful rose mirrors are the first ones I have made but a design I have wanted to make for a long time. 

An amazing gift.

A very special gift for a special person in your life.  


Large Circular Stained Glass Red Rose Mirror - 2 designs available

  • This fabulous Cirlcular Red Rose  Mirror is here at last. A stained glass rose and mirror in one design. A useful and beautiful addition to any home and a great present for yourself or for someone you care about.  

    The stained glass petals of the flower are soldered together and the 3 sepals have been soldered in place raised away from the petals to give an added 3-dimention. The stem and three petals are made form green stained glass and are also angled to give the piece more interest in  the reflection of the whole flower. 

    The whole stem and  rose bud is soldered onto the bottom left side corner of the mirror. The mirror has a wire attached to the back of the mirror so it is ready to hang on the wall. 


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