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This stunning hanging sunflower head is one of a range I have made.  Each one is different from the last, due to the selection of glass used for this double layer of petals. 

This double layer of petals design has about 40 petals of different textures and shades of stained glass around the central circles of stained glass. 

Hanging Sunflower Head Design 2

  • This is a stunning interpretation of one type of sunflower which has been designed to hang in your home, ideally in a window or against a mirror.  It will bring it's sensational 'wow' factor to wherever you choose to hang it.

    It is made using a variety of shades of amber glass some textured, some smooth. 

    Each petal and the 2 central circles were cut out from sheets of stained glass, ground smooth around the edges and copper foiled.  The circles were copper foiled and soldered together then each petal was bead soldered. before being soldered to the centre, in two layers, so each petal slightly overlapped with the ones underneath, on either side. 

    Hidden hoops were made and soldered to the back of the sunflower head  so the nylon line could be threaded though them to hang it up. 


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