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This stunning Orange Poppy is my new design interpretation of the amazing and delicate flower which comes and goes so quickly every year.  Here is a permanent reminder of this beautiful flower which has hidden hoops securely soldered to the back of the flower so it can be hung in a window or againgst a mirror. I supply strong nylon line for you to hang it with and would not recommend using a 'window sticker-hook' as it will not be strong enought for the weight of the flower. 

This hanging version has been made in response to requests from customers. 

Outrageous Orange Hanging Stained Glass Poppy

  • This beautiful flower is an amazing addition to any home. It will bring it's stunning orange to wherever you choose to hang it, which of course can change whenever you decide to move it, perhaps to whichever window you spend the most time looking out of at different times of the year?

    It would also look stunning hung againgst a mirror which can give the added bunus of seeing it from all angles.  

    It should be hung in a place where a hard surface it may hang againgst will not move, eg NOT on a door, to avoid damage to the petals.

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