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This is a stunning piece of my work inspired by my interest in mushrooms, my idea of incorporating pebbles and stones within a panel, some recently acquired beautiful glass and my love of circles! 

This is the first of this design which started with and includes one of my new mushrooms and some 'found' stones and little white pebbles. I positioned the mushroom, pebbles, stones and green leaves within a drawn circle and then  incorporated this selection of amazing stained glass which I cut by hand to go around these main features.  

It is hung from a nylon line which is threaded through the hidden hoops soldered to the back of the panel.  It can be hung in your home eg in a window or against a mirror.

An original piece. A fabulous present. 

Hanging Mushroom Picture Panel

  • This hanging is the first of this design and may be the only one.

    Made using one of my mushrooms as a basis, accompanied by stones, pebbles and 3 stained glass leaves.  

    Each of the three pieces of stained glass which form the background have gorgeous intricate patterns and colours. The piece used at the bottom is  brown and green suggesting the undergrowth the mushroom is growing in. The middle layer blue and clear patterned stained glass which suggests a sunny-day sky. The top piece gives a whispy, cloudy appearance. 

    I have soldered 2 hidden hoops behind the back of the panel and have threaded some nylon line through the hoops and secured them in place so it is ready to hang. 

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