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A range of Angels are available in a variety of colours which will be added to the website soon so please ask and I will send you photos.  You could also commision me (for a small extra cost) to make you one in bespoke colours for someone special to you, so fill in the contact form on the website and we can liase about which colours you would like.

Of course this angel is gender neutral and is often bought as a special present for a close friend or relative.  It was given the name 'Angel with Attitude' by a lady deacon to one of the first angels I made! :) 

This beautiful stained glass irridescent hanging 'Angel with Attitude' could be lovely addition to your home. It can be hung on it's own in a window to catch the light at different times of the day and night, according to the direction of the light.

Hanging Iridescent Stained Glass 'Angel with Attitude'

  • Each stunningly beautiful stained glass irridescent 'Angel with Attitude' is made using hand cut pieces of stained glass for the wings and body with  a small irridescent glass nugget for the head, all edged in sparkling silver. The natural or artificial changes in direction and type of light will change the appearance of this angel due to the irridescence.

    To give the glass it's iridescent effect, a thin layer of metallic crystal is bonded to the glass during production, creating an amazing shimmering effect. This shimmering gives a changing appearance depending on the availablility and direction of light, but it usually twinkles with purple and green.

    You can hang the angel using the invisible nylon thread I have threaded through the hidden wire hoop I have made and attached to the top of the angel.

    I will be send your 'Angel with Attitude' to you beautifully wrapped and packaged on a piece of card and in a see through envelope.

    If it is a gift, please let me know and I can gift wrap your angel in a box made of recycled paper, surrounded in sumptuously soft tissue paper and will include an individualised 'note from the maker' if you would like me to, for a small aditional cost.

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