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This beautiful Red Poppy is my latest design interpretation of this joyous flower. 

Here is a permanent reminder of the flower, made to hang in a window or againgst a mirror in your home. It is supplied with a nylon line you can use to hang it with but please don't use a window suction hook as my feeling is that it will not be strong enough for the weight of the flower.  

Ravishing Red Stained Glass Hanging Poppy Head

  • This beautiful flower is an amazing addition to any window or mirror in your home. It will bring it's sensational 'hit' of red to wherever you choose to hang it.

    It is made from a fabulous piece of stained glass which has been made with an uneven spread of red colouring and an undulating, uneven surface which helps to give the right appearance for this the petals.  

    It should be positioned against a surface which will not move, to avoid damage to the petals.  

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