A fabulous present and card in one! 

This dainty pair of interlocking stained glass hearts are beautiful. They are hung using twisted wire and are attached to one of my handmade cards similar to the one shown and can be sent direct to the recipient.   

My 'interlocking hearts'  or 'double hearts' designs are made from two of my hand cut hearts,  made using beautiful clear or textured glass, some of which are opaque others are transparent. They have decided to join together and are ready to be sent to, and to settle into, their forever home !!

A fabulous valentine's, engagement, wedding or anniversary present. 

Also available to order in a range of colours to match the occasion for an additional commission charge - please fill in the contact form on the website.


Stained Glass Hearts with a handmade card

  • This is one of a range of 'interlocking' or 'double hearts'  which have been made with a hand made hoop soldered onto the top of each one so the twisted  wire can be threaded through ready for it to be hung.

    This pair of hearts is different from the last and from any which will be designed and made in the future, so a completely unique gift. The colours and textures of each heart always compliment each other.

    These cards have been bought as an engagement, wedding or anniversary present and can be ordered to be in a range of colours according to your personal choice eg red for a ruby wedding anniversary.

    This card with interlocking or double hearts will be posted to you in a padded envelope. 

    Add an element of mystery!!? I could write a personal message in this card from you to the recipient (on your behalf) and  post it direct to them.  Let me know your  message and their address when you order this card.