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This is a stunning piece of my work which was inspired when I was making my 5-point stars. The range of colours I use for individual stars work really well together in this design, only the third I have made, so a truly original piece.

It is to be hung from a chain and nylon line so it can securely decorate a window or mirror in your home.

Starburst III, Hanging sculpture

  • Starburst III is the third of it's kind, each similar ot the last but differnet from each other. The other two have already been snapped up as presents. This one is distictive in that it has a glass nugget in it's centre.

    Many individual bursts of individual stained glass traingles are exploding or maybe converging out from or maybe into the centre.....

    These beautiful complimentary colours of glass have a lovely wintery feel which will look fabulous in a window or againgst a mirror.

    Pictured here with a ribbon hanging, but this has been replaced with a chain which enhances the piece. 

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