This Fabulous Flower Mirror is aiming to give you a happy reflection everytime you look at yourself!!
A blue stained glass flower attached to the side of a mirror, to add colour and movement (your movement!) into your home. Ready to hang from the silver chain provided in a small space on your wall which needs brightening up.

The only one of it's kind,  so a great present for someone who has everything!! See the other designs and colours in this 'Happy Reflections' range. 

Small Blue Stained Glass Flower Mirror

  • This fabulous Blue Flower Mirror is here at last. A stained glass flower and a mirror in one design. A useful and beautiful addition to any home and a great present for yourself or for someone you care about.  

    The stained glass petals of the flower are soldered around a glass nugget. The whole flower is soldered onto one side of the top of the cut out in the corner of the mirror. The mirror has a chain attached to the wire hoops at the top of the mirror so it is ready to hang on the wall. 

    So some of the petals will be protruding from the mirror with the wall as a backdrop and the rest of the petals will be being reflected by the mirror they have as a backdrop.