This very unusual creation is of course the only one I have made and is a perfect gift to celebrate a special occaision for someone special in your life. It may be for the engagement, wedding or anniversary of a couple you know.

It is about 10 inches in diameter,  a beautiful large spiral of glass nuggets, hand cut irridescent glass hearts and hand twisted wire, swirling around a large purple heart inside a ring of brass which has been coated in silver solder.   

Large Ring of Spiralling Hearts

  • A truly unique piece, the only one I have ever made. It is a very special present and is ready for posting, nestled in a bed of purple tissue paper inside a black presentation box. I can post it to you or your chosen friend or relative with  a hand written 'note from the maker' explaining how the piece was made and, if required, who has chosen this piece, and why.

    This gorgeous large ring of glass nuggets and individually made swirling and spiralling hearts are soldered together with the addition of hand twisted wire, which gives extra strength and beauty to the finished piece.

    The central larger heart is made from purple glass whilst the rest of the dizzy swirl of glass hearts and glass nuggets have an iridescent finish. This finish gives a special reflection of light on the surface  which appears to gradually change colour as the angle of view or illumination changes - if you think of soap bubbles you will be able to imagine the effect.

    The piece has a silver chain attached to it to allow it to hang in a window or against a mirror or a wall.  



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