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This stunning hanging sunflower head is one of a range I have made to order. Each one is different from the last, some with 'overlapping' petals, some using opaque glass - you can choose in discussion with me. 

My most popular design has over 30 transparent, textured petals and costs £150, simpler designs are possible and this could reduce the price depending on the number of petals and complexity of the design.

Hanging Sunflower Head Design 1

  • This is a stunning interpretation of one type of sunflower which has been designed to hang in your home, ideally in a window or against a mirror.  It will bring it's sensational 'wow' factor to wherever you choose to hang it.

    It can be made using a variety of shades of amber and yellow glass, transparent or opaque, with a range of dark or light shades and with a dark or lighter centre 

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