This  sculptural creation  made from a stunning selection of rainbow coloured stained glass is a completely original design of mine and the only one of it's kind in my range of bicycle wheel pieces. 

Why not treat yourself or someone you care about to this amazing piece of artwork which has a chain attached to the top so it is ready to be hung in a window in your home.

If you have a large well lit room  or conservatory, imagine how it would be able to turn gently as  you  move around the room, or when the window is open the air movement coming in would help it turn.

Do you have a garden? You may have the perfect spot under a tree branch or under the overhang of a sunhouse, gazebo or archway to allow this incredible piece of my work to spin around so you can fully appreciate all of the fabulous colours I have used.  

This is a perfect special present! I could send it direct, with a 'maker's note' too on request! 

Hanging Rainbow Coloured Stained Glass Bicycle Wheel Sculptural Decoration

  • This is one of a range of bicycle wheels I have made using the frame and spokes of the wheel as a basis to create a beautiful sculpture. I have attached 24 preprepared  pieces of stained glass to the spokes of the wheel, one by one. 

    The first one I made was for the Tour De Yorkshire celebrations which were taking place locally. 

    The wheel has a long length of chain attached to the top  so that it can be hung from or  tied to or around whatever, wherever it's final position will be.   

    This is another truly unique piece, the only one I have ever made quite like this. It is a very special present.  I can post it to you or your chosen friend or relative with  a hand written 'note from the maker' explaining how the piece was made and, if required, who has chosen this piece, and why.