Multi-coloured glass nugget vessel - only one vessel was designed and made in this glorious colour combination, using the traditional copper foiling or Tiffany technique.

A great addition to a chest of drawers or hall cabinet to decoratively hold your keys until you need them? Please note that this piece is for decorative or non-food storage, due to the use of solder.

Multi-Coloured Glass Nugget Bowl

SKU: 54654213
  • This stunning decorative glass vessel is one of a kind. The only one made with this combination and
    range of sizes and colours of glass nuggets, which form intriguing wavy rings of colour around the bowl.
    It is a beautiful but strong piece of work which can be enjoyed as a decorative addition to your home, or
    due to its strength, could be used as a useful, easy to spot, receptacle to store any non-food item - eg
    those keys which are always going missing!?
    The base of the vessel has a number of clear rubber feet to protect the surface it will stand on. This
    vessel is for non-food use only due to the use of solder in the making process

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